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The rapid test is commonly used for the clinical qualitative detection of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory infections, tropical diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, fertility hormones, tumor markers, cardiovascular disease markers, drugs, and alcohol, etc. They are widely used by domestic and foreign hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), epidemic prevention stations, blood stations, family, laboratories, research institutions, public security and traffic system organizations, etc.

Hemostatic Products (gauzes, power, gel and wax) are used adjunctively in surgical procedures to assist in the control of capillary, venous, and small arteria hemorrhages when ligation or other conventional methods of control are impractical or ineffective.

- Nuetral pH: Drug Compatible, no interference with sutures.
- No risk of infections. No contra-indications and safety measures required. Can be letf in the wound.
- More rapid activity. Activation of coagulation cascade.
- Reacts with ALL body fluids, therefor FULLY resorbable.
- Rapid resorption.
- Ideal sizes and shapes for special indications (e.g. Lapareoscopy).
- Advantage of pricing, economic.

Brand: American Tech.
Supplies for health.
Stock management of medical products.
Inventory control.

Operating Features:
- Complete traceability of medical supplies.
- System with total record of your inventory.
- Proof of stock in transit.
- Current stock report.
- User traceability.
- Profile generation.
- Software fully integrated to the health sector.
- It allows instant control of the activity of the personnel that access each vending machine, visualizing each operation.
- It facilitates sectorizing permits: establishing user roles to be enabled in consumption and access.
- Provides alerts and maintenance instantly.
- Monitoring Unit with reports of products consumption and costs.


Model: SNK - LT - C - E - FR - D.
Dimensions: H: 1940mm/76,37 inch, W: 1269mm/49,96 incn, D: 795mm/31,29 inch.
Weight: 370kg. // 815,71 lb.
Bays of sale: 50.
Capacity: Desde 180 - 840.
Refrigeration: 4-25 C (Ajustable).
Voltage: 100V / 240V, 60Hz / 50Hz.
Consumption: 375 - 600W.

We have ODM/OEM service, we offer customized the shell of the machine according to your required, to make the out looking of the machine unique in the market. We provide remote training for our clients and on-site training for clients who purchase more than 2 machines.

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